The Squad

Here at FitSquad we have one goal: to show our passion for health and wellness by building a healthier community for those who want to change their life. Through our various programs we strive to offer you exactly the type of workout you need to create a healthier lifestyle, regardless of your fitness level. Our Squad are trained fitness professionals who will stop at nothing to help you reach your goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. Joining FitSquad is joining a community of fun, dedicated, resilient, and sometimes wacky people who love the fitness life and help each other push their limits. Discover that change is possible, and start your new life today.

Our Partners

  • Omar Aboshakra
    Head Coach
  • Ahmed El Menoufi
    Head Coach
  • Karim Hamza
    Head Coach
  • Malak Koura
  • Maryam Soliman
  • Nourhan Magdy
  • Nancy Ishac
  • Ramy Maghraby

My life was a very traditional one: work, sleep, eat, and raise the kids. Once FitSquad stepped in, it was the window that opened while a door got closed in my life. FitSquad was the bright side of life that I was never exposed to. And from this point “THE CHANGE” started in 2014. I changed physically that I lost nearly 10kg, but the extreme change was my figure. People thought that I lost more than 15 kg. But FitSquad didn’t stop here, the change was deeper. The change was mental and spiritual as well. Each movement, and every exercise reveals a message. When it comes to lifting yourself over a box or lifting weights, it’s like FitSquad telling you to fight your weakness, push obstacles and don’t surrender to stress or depression; just move forward. FitSquad is much more than a class you attend to improve your body or fitness. “FITSQUAD IS LIFE. “

I’ve been training with Fitsquad for more than two years now, and they might not have the best of everything, but what really matters is to feel home and comfortable! Fitsquad is my second home, and that’s my pleasure.

When team spirit, professional coaches and an ultimately motivational atmosphere are combined in one place !!

Joined FitSquad last December; I wanted to try something different, best decision I ever made by giving it a go! Great box, brilliant coaches, awesome members and for all levels of fitness. I highly recommend FitSquad. The Members, staff, facilities and atmosphere are fantastic. It’s a great environment to get fit and stay fit.

A family of professional coaches relentlessly aiming for perfection. Almost two years now with FS , they helped me improve in every aspect of fitness and to overcome age and injuries.

Honestly, I consider it the home away from home. Very motivating coaches, very good equipment and the best spirit all around.

I lost 36 kilos in 6 months only with FitSquad, They are really awesome.

Great spirit and coaches. My comfort zone so far.