My life was a very traditional one: work, sleep, eat, and raise the kids. Once FitSquad stepped in, it was the window that opened while a door got closed in my life. FitSquad was the bright side of life that I was never exposed to. And from this point “THE CHANGE” started in 2014. I changed physically that I lost nearly 10kg, but the extreme change was my figure. People thought that I lost more than 15 kg. But FitSquad didn’t stop here, the change was deeper. The change was mental and spiritual as well. Each movement, and every exercise reveals a message. When it comes to lifting yourself over a box or lifting weights, it’s like FitSquad telling you to fight your weakness, push obstacles and don’t surrender to stress or depression; just move forward. FitSquad is much more than a class you attend to improve your body or fitness.